'The Week That Was:' What to Do With Clarence Thomas and the Shady Supreme Court?

May 05, 2023, 2:36 PM

Host Saeed Khan talks with special guests, attorney Steve Fishman, Detroit Free Press investigative columnist M.L. Elrick, Beverly Watts, president of BME Consulting and former director of the Wayne County Public Services Department, Adolph Mongo, host of "Detroit in Black and White," and Deadline Detroit co-founder Allan Lengel.

They talk about Tucker Carlson’s texts say it all; Justice Clarence Thomas and the shady Supreme Court; Shuttering San Francisco… Nordstrom closes downtown stores; others lock up merchandise; Hate graffiti on Royal Oak synagogue; Arson of mosques… America the Tolerant?  Hamburgling the Kids…children working unpaid shifts at McDonald’s;  Michigan ranked 41 out of 50 on Best States List and Schmuck of the Week.

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