'Detroit in Black and White:' M.L. Elrick Talks About Nepotism and Hints About a Bombshell Column on Geoffrey Fieger

April 15, 2023, 1:13 PM

Adolph Mongo, host of "Detroit in Black and White," talks with co-hosts Vanessa Moss and Allan Lengel.

Guests include:

Detroit Free Press investigative columnist M.L. Elrick, who talks about nepotism at Detroit city hall including Councilman Coleman A. Young II, who hired his mother as chief of staff. Elrick also hints about a bombshell column he has coming Sunday on well-known attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

Author and former Detroit News reporter Denise Crittendon who has written a Black sci-fi book titled "Where It Rains in Color." (Available at local bookstores and Amazon)

Former Trenton Police Chief Jim Nardone, who weighs in on gun violence. 

Also available as a podcast.

Read Elrick's Sunday Column: Fieger claimed he was disabled in a $16M lawsuit, then continued to argue cases in court

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